Research on Online Therapy

Research and national guidelines support the use of online video-conferencing as an appropriate way to deliver psychotherapy in a legal and ethical manner. As noted in the American Telemedicine Association national practice guidelines (2013):

"To date, no studies have identified any patient subgroup that does not benefit from, or is harmed by, behavioral care provided through remote videoconferencing. Recent large randomized controlled trials demonstrate effectiveness of tele-mental health with many smaller trials also supporting this conclusion."

Video-conferencing Platform

Through careful research on cyber-security and ease of use of various teletherapy platforms, Thrive TeleTherapy has elected to use as our video conferencing platform. We believe our clients will find the video conferencing, online appointment scheduling, automatic appointment reminders, secure email/chat system, and online billing system to be user-friendly and highly convenient. 



Who Is a Good Fit For Online Therapy?

In our experience many clients prefer online over in-person therapy, including those who:

  • Have busy schedules
  • Are technologically-inclined
  • Find leaving home difficult for physical or psychological reasons
  • Dislike commuting to a therapist's office
  • Live in geographical areas where psychotherapy access is limited
  • Prefer the comfort of their home/office environment

Additional Resources on Online Therapy

Here is what you should know to ensure that you receive the highest quality teletherapy services, whether from me or another provider.